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PAWNM and Bernalillo County Commissioners May Not Care What The Rest of Us Have to Say

December 9, 2010

We’ve taken a little time to contemplate and speak to several people about events at the Bernalillo County Commissioners’ meeting on November 9 (OK, maybe a lot of time) and following are our conclusions:

  • The county manager’s office did err in not publishing the meeting agenda on the internet or other electronic channels sooner.
  • But, the agenda did include what Commissioner De La Cruz had committed to doing in the October 26 meeting (i.e., present a resolution establishing an animal care services ordinance review committee)…see our October 27 blog entry.
  • During the public comment period PAWNM spokespeople were visibly upset, berating the Commissioners for what they perceived as inaction because County Attorney Landers didn’t immediately prepare their recommendations as proposed ordinance changes for the meeting…that is not what commissioners committed to on October 26.
  • Based on what we’ve learned recently, PAWNM is an overzealous lot that couldn’t care less what others in the community have to contribute if it runs contrary to their agenda. And, they’ve been secretly working with County Attorney Landers to introduce their animal care services ordinance changes at the December 14 commissioner’s meeting along with a new wrinkle, a requirement for trolley permitting. While we’re not big fans of trolleys, we can think a few situations where they may be necessary and with a properly crafted ordinance, there is absolutely no need for permitting.
  • Here’s a link to amendments to be introduced…changes to the current ordinance are underlined or struck out…except the trolley permit language which is new…Bernalillo County Animal Care Ordinance Changes-20101214

By the way, following is video from part of the November 9 commission meeting in three segments. Part one is discussion on “late” publication of the agenda. Part two is the public comment period. Part three is discussion of the committee resolution, ultimately deferred until the Tuesday, December 14 meeting…be there at 3pm if you want input into the process. Yes, I said 3pm. According to the November 9 agenda, the December 14 meeting was supposed to begin at 5pm…the change is based on some “bleeping” excuse about a lot of agenda items. Although the commissioners won’t pass the amendments at this meeting…they are subject to a publication and comment period…we look at it as more monkey business by Bernalillo County officials and a lack of desire to hear what county residents with a real day job have to say about this.

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