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Bernalillo County Ordinance Changes – Again, So Soon? Yes.

August 20, 2010

For the last 16 months, things have been pretty quiet on statewide issues and in Bernalillo County, NM (this blog’s primary stomping grounds). Hence, the reason no posts since April 2009. While many thought there would be a need to start being watchful soon for overrreaching animal rights bills in the biennial long legislative session beginning in early 2011, things are heating up again in Bernalillo County.

People for Animal Welfare of New Mexico and other animal rights and welfare groups have returned with new recommendations for ordinance changes for the Bernalillo County commissioners. The changes they are recommending relate to animal restraint and care and maintenance. A “public” meeting was hosted by Commissioner Brasher on Wednesday night. The term “public” is used loosely due to the short, limited public notice provided for the meeting and the apparent loading of the audience with animal welfare and rights groups. Two people in the audience of about 50 maintain a responsible animal use philosophy. To my knowledge, no responsible animal use organizations (e.g., dog clubs, cat clubs, livestock owner associations) received courtesy notice about the meeting and the meeting was held inside the city of Albuquerque, an area unaffected by the proposed ordinance changes.

For now, here is access to the proposed revisions to allow for your analysis:

Bernalillo County-2010 Proposed Changes.

The pdf file has information in the following order:

  • Current Chapter 6-45 – Restraint of Animals – page 1
  • Proposed Chapter 6-45 – Restraint of Animals – page 2
  • Current Chapter 6-58 – Care and Maintenance – page 3
  • Proposed Chapter 6-58 – Care and Maintenance – page 4-6

We’ll be back with comment after gathering additional information. Suffice it to say anyone with a libertarian perspective (i.e., suspicion of coercive authority) should be concerned about quotes like “we know several recommendations are unenforceable” and “animal legislation can’t be fair because it has to address the lowest common denominator”.

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