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HB 159 EXPAND CRUELTY TO ANIMALS – Senate Judiciary Thank You

March 17, 2009

Following is our recommended letter to the New Mexico Senate Judiciary Committee thanking them for their careful consideration of the subject bill. You are welcome to copy and paste and customize it for your own email or use it for talking points when calling the Senators and Representative Park. Don’t forget to contact your own Senator. You can locate your Senator at

Senate Judiciary Committee Contact Information:
Senator Cisco McSorley : Chair : : 505-986-4485
Senator Richard C. Martinez : Vice-Chair : : 505-986-4389
Senator Tim Eichenberg : Member : : 505-986-4859
Senator Clinton D. Harden : Member : : 505-986-4369
Senator Linda M. Lopez : Member : 505-986-4737
Senator Sander Rue : Member : : 505-986-4375
Senator John C. Ryan : Member : : 505-986-4373
Senator Bernadette M. Sanchez : Member : : 505-986-4267
Senator Michael S. Sanchez : Member : : 505-986-4727
Senator Peter Wirth : Member : : 505-986-4276
Senator William H. Payne : Ranking Member : : 505-986-4703

Chairman (House Judiciary Committee) Park’s Contact Information:
Representative Al Park : Chair : : 505-986-4411

EMAIL TO:;;;;;;;;;;

Dear Chairman McSorley, Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Chairman Park,

Many thanks for your service to our state!

Everyone associated with Concerned New Mexico Animal Owners (CNMAO) wants to see an effective amendment to the animal cruelty statute passed as long as it is reasonably devoid of the potential for unintended consequences. CNMAO has informed me that HB159 has been tabled in committee because those concerns could not be resolved.

Senator Harden, many thanks for supporting the “working and performance animals” amendment and carrying it to the committee, recognizing the need to provide clarifying language meaningful to the average citizen and similar to protections for responsible use of animals in rodeos and animal agriculture. And, Chairman Park, thank you for your acceptance of the language, recognizing that in no way does it have a negative affect on the bill. Thank you to all for the “Do Pass” vote on the amendment.

Regarding the concerns raised about unintended consequences on sections D(3), D(4) and D(5) that expand felony offenses, thank you for carefully considering them. And, Senator Payne thank you for affirming those concerns based on your own personal experience. It is clear that the Committee came to appreciate the dilemma identified by those associated with CNMAO. I, and a number of organizations, have been assured CNMAO will continue to work with individuals and organizations to formulate a better animal cruelty statute for the state that allows for prosecution of intentional acts of animal cruelty and neglect, but strikes a proper balance with recognizing the need for compassion for those that may be guilt ridden and already paid a price for what is often caused by inadequate education regarding care of an animal, a momentary lapse in good judgment or the result of being faced with a difficult financial situation.

Best regards,

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