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SB 127 CUSTODY & CARE OF MISTREATED ANIMALS – House & House Judiciary Letter

March 16, 2009

Following is our recommended letter to the New Mexico House and House Judiciary Committee regarding the subject bill. You are welcome to copy and paste and customize it for your own email or use it for talking point when calling the Representatives. Don’t forget to contact your own Representative. You can locate your Representative at

House Leadership Contact Information
Speaker Ben Lujan : Speaker : : 505-986-4782
Representative W. Ken Martinez : House Majority Leader : : 505-986-4776
Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton : Majority Whip : : 505-986-4774
Representative Thomas C. Taylor : Minority Floor Leader : : 505-986-4757
Representative Keith J. Gardner : Minority Whip : : 505-986-4757

House Judiciary Committee Contact Information:
Representative Al Park : Chair : : 505-986-4411
Representative Joseph Cervantes : Vice-Chair : : 505-986-4249
Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon : Member : : 505-986-4254
Representative Paul C. Bandy : Member : : 505-986-4214
Representative Elias Barela : Member : : 505-986-4235
Representative Gail Chasey : Member : : 505-986-4844
Representative Zachary J. Cook : Member : : 505-986-4454
Representative Dennis J. Kintigh : Member : : 505-986-4453
Representative Antonio “Moe” Maestas : Member : : 505-986-4464
Representative W. Ken Martinez : Member : : 505-986-4476
Representative Bill B. O’Neill : Member : : 505-986-4254
Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm : Member : : 505-986-4450
Representative Mimi Stewart : Member : : 505-986-4840
Representative Gloria C. Vaughn : Member : 505-986-4453

SUBJECT: SB 127 CUSTODY & CARE OF MISTREATED ANIMALS – SUPPORT (as amended by House Judiciary Committee)
EMAIL TO:,,,,,;;;;;;;;;;;;

Dear Speaker, House Leadership, Chairman Park and Members of the House Judiciary Committee

Many thanks for your service to our state!

I am writing to inform you I am in support of SB 127, Custody & Care of Mistreated Animals in it’s current form (i.e., as amended by the House Judiciary Committee) and ask that you vote for SB 127 with no additional changes. As I understand, a contingent of constituents aligned with Concerned New Mexico Animal Owners (CNMAO) attended the House Judiciary Committee meeting where this bill was heard with the intent of opposing animal indemnity sections C, D, E and F due to grave concerns about unintended consequences. To the great credit of the committee, they listened to the concerns carefully and were able to craft a pragmatic and exceptional solution that protects the rights of the innocent and considers the financial means of the accused.

For more information, CNMAO’s current position on all 48 animal interest bills of the 2009 New Mexico Legislative Session can be found in the NM Legislative Updates category of the CNMAO blog (

Also, CNMAO estimates state sales tax revenues generated by expenditures for the care of dogs alone is over $40 million annually. That estimate excludes sales tax revenues generated at a county/city level. On that basis, in future legislative sessions, I respectfully suggest the legislature take up the proactive cause of providing more support for low cost voluntary sterilization programs, education programs and temporary financial assistance to animal owners in need to reduce the necessity for reactive punitive measures.

Best regards,

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